Tata Motors is the country's best-selling commercial automobile manufacturer. Its commercial segment contains high-quality LCVs, HCVs, and specialised machinery such as the drilling rig-based Signa line of trucks. To maintain its unbeaten run, Tata has introduced new versions of commercial vehicles, such as the Tata Signa 2818.T CNG, with sophisticated features that can add value to clients' businesses. Let's know more technical specifications of the Tata Signa 2818.T CNG truck here.

Highlighted Features of the Tata Signa 2818.T CNG

The Tata Signa 2818.T CNG truck is regarded as one of India's top 19-tonne CNG vehicles. It is because it has a high build quality and a strong engine system. The Tata Signa 2818.T CNG is fuelled by a four-cylinder 5.7-litre SGI (Sequential Gas Injection) engine with excellent torque. This engine is especially strong, providing outstanding outcomes in heavy-duty applications. It has a power output of 180 HP and a peak torque of 650 Nm. The truck is appropriate for cargo and other purposes, with a GVW of 28,000 and a payload capacity of 18,500.

This model also comes with the latest safety and comfort features, such as air brakes with Fully Air S-Cam with the auto slack adjuster, Parabolic leaf spring in the front suspension and semi-elliptical helper Springs at the rear.

It proves that this advanced yet modern CNG truck can earn higher profits while giving you superior performance with less maintenance.

Tata Signa 2818.T CNG Price Range

If you are curious about the on-road price of Tata Signa 2818.T CNG, keep scrolling to Truck Junction's official website to get the latest information.