This Tata 10-tyre truck is famous for its efficiency and is a favourite amongst massive fleet drivers. The LPT 2818 Cowl is a commercial vehicle for all types of long-haul transport modes, appropriate for many purposes such as open body, tanker or container, and so forth, with the major advantages of greater mileage, sufficient torque, and fairly well-packed features. More information on Tata LPT 2818 Cowl may be found here. 

Main Technical Specifications of the Tata LPT 2818 Cowl Truck

The Tata LPT 2818 has a strong, powerful, and increased capacity driveline. In addition, it comes with a more sturdy chassis to provide the best loading capability in the category. Moreover, this commercial vehicle offers improved fuel efficiency, tyre mileage, unrivalled wheel torque, and exceptional drivability.

It also has a strong BS6 CUMMINS ISBe 5.6 CRDI TCIC engine with 180 HorsePower and a maximum torque of 850 NM. According to Tata Motors, the LPT 2818 provides everything that makes it so desirable to fleet customers, including enhanced construction and design quality, increased comfort, an emphasis on driver safety, and a wider assurance of revenue from its latest engines and aggregates.

It has the potential of six, providing better performance, the total cost of ownership, comfortability, choice connection, and complete peace of mind.

Tata LPT 2818 Cowl Price Range

In India, the Tata LPT Cowl truck starts at Rs. 33.48 Lakh, which can exceed Rs. 37.48 Lakh.

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