Experience effortless heavy-duty transportation with the BharatBenz 5532T Tipper. This tipper can easily handle the toughest jobs with ease, with a powerful engine, spacious cab, advanced safety features, and a hydraulic lifting mechanism. So, get ready for a new level of efficiency and reliability. This blog will cover how best this model of BharatBenz tipper will meet your transportation needs.

Features Of BharatBenz Tipper Model: BharatBenz 5532T 

BharatBenz, a Daimler India Commercial Vehicles division, has recently launched the BharatBenz 5532T Tipper. This Bharatbenz tipper is a heavy-duty vehicle designed for construction and mining applications.

The 5532T Tipper features an OM 926 6-cylinder engine. It delivers a maximum power output of 320 HP and a torque of 1250 Nm. The engine is tuned into a 9-speed manual transmission providing smooth shifting and optimal gear ratios in 9 Forward and 1 reverse for efficient performance. 

Additionally, the tipper comes with a hydraulic lifting mechanism for the tipper body, allowing for easy dumping of materials.

The 5532T Tipper has advanced safety features, such as brakes, electronic stability control, and a seatbelt. Additionally, the sleeper cab is spacious and well-appointed, with air conditioning and windows for the driver's comfort.

In terms of payload capacity, the BharatBenz Tipper can carry up to heavy material, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty transportation tasks. Furthermore, Its sturdy construction and advanced features make it a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses in the construction and mining industries.

Overall, the BharatBenz 5532T Tipper is a top-performing tipper with exceptional functionality, efficiency, and safety. In addition, its superior build quality and advanced features make it reliable for transporting heavy and bulky goods. Visit Truck Junction to discover more models of BharatBenz tippers.